Mossland Endless Summer Wax Seal Stamp – Seashell

Endless summer – picking up shells by the beach, watching hydrangea grows in the garden, celebrating life…

This seashell wax seal is specially made with slight 3D engraving for a raised and curve shell effect.

Illustrated and designed by Mossland, this wax seal will add a special touch to your craft project, gift packaging and journal pages.
Back in olden days, wax is used to verify something such as a document/ envelope is unopened or to verify the sender’s identity. While in the modern days, there are more to a creative use of wax seals, to seal an envelope, to secure a ribbon on gift package or to decorate a DIY card. It will easily level up your creation with a lovely wax seal impression.

Each wax seal comes with a beautifully designed eyelet string grey box, perfect for gifting too!
Wax beads / sticks for wax sealing is available here.
Mossland Endless Summer Wax Seal Stamp - Seashell
Size: Seal face ⌀1.5cm
Material: Wooden handle + brass die
Designed by Mossland 苔岛


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