Suatelier 1063 Diet Sticker

There are days where I enjoyed exercising, also days where my diet plan is always NG. Could the desire of pasting a diet sticker be my motivation?

Treat yourself a piece of cuteness. Suatelier stickers are kiss cut to shape on PET liner sheet for see through that allows positioning on desired area before applying. Simply peel to stick. These lovely illustrations and adorable design of the stickers will instantly lift up your mood while using them. May them be a heartwarming stationery companion in your daily life, on your diary, calendar, journal pages, gift decor, note cards, small items, personal belongings. The application is limitless, stick them anywhere!

Sometimes it’s noble and lovingly, sometimes with a brave design that stimulates emotions.
Suatelier hopes you have fun and happiness in your daily life.

Suatelier 1063 Diet Sticker

Content: 1 sheet
Size: 10 x 19cm
Material: PVC
Designed by: Suatelier
Made in Korea


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