About Us

Our Story

In moments of rest, we hear the humdrum. In the rush of the hour, we listen to the beat. In a life of chaos, we create the rhythm.  


Phavourite’s story began with a search for this rhythm. Stationery has always brought harmony to my life. On busy days, jumbled up thoughts unravel with ease on the pages of a journal. When time slows to a crawl, crafting picks the pace up. A desk full of stationery inspires new possibilities like no other. For me, it sparked an idea to share the things I love with you. Personally curated with care and thought, our catalogue features items for the desk and everyday use in aesthetics ranging from light and simple to bold and expressive. I hope you’ll find delight as I did in the therapeutic crinkling of paper, the soothing pastels of wax seals, or the bumps and grooves of letterpress prints. Just a few of my Phavourite things, now they can be yours too.  


Yours Sincerely,

Pooi Chin, Curator of Phavourite

P/s: Sharing this cute illustration by my dear friend, Estee. A cup of tea as reminder to slow down. The element in our humble studio.