bighands Rubber Stamps - Someday (Words)

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I have a friend,
I have a friend,She has a gentle, and deep soul.
She hugs her inner child and also embrace herself in words.
Through words, she heals herself and me :)

So this time, I want to share my long-held friend with you and her words.
Hope you feel warmth in your heart and smiles on your face while reading her words,
just like me ;)

- bighands

The Someday Words series embodies a collaborative effort between the artist, bighands, and her friend, Kira Dream. In this collection, Kira Dream eloquently expresses her heartfelt words and messages, and bighands crafting them lovingly in handwritten form.

Someday Words series features heartfelt expressions made into rubber stamps. These stamps offer a unique means to convey your sentimental feelings onto various surfaces, your journal pages, craft projects, message cards, or anywhere you will enjoy. Whether stamped in classic black ink or with an array of different colours, each impression brings forth a distinct vibe to the words, adding the touch of personal to your creations.

Each of these rubber stamps are also packaged with much love and details. Each piece is like a gift.

有一天 某一天, 追逐日落, 鬆弛時光 (4x1.5x2cm);
許願 (2x1.5 x2cm);
收集日子裡的碎片 (5.5x1.5x2cm);
Someday, So we met, star chaser (4x1.5x2cm);
live a little (2.5x1.5x2cm);
collecting pieces in life (4x1.5x2cm)
Material: Wooden handle with white rubber
Designed by bighands