9pt.(2) Tiny Text Rubber Stamps [18 options]

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9pt.(2) is a new in-house collection in addition to the previous series, refer 9pt.

Designed in tiny font size of 9pt, these texts turned into rubber stamps allow digital font being put into analogue documentation.

They are high versatility for creating a depth in between our handwritings. You could be blending these subtle formality and classic vibes among scribbles. Use these delicate rubber stamps to add special personal touches on your journal pages, a gift wrapping, message card or any occasions.

This collection gathered inspiration from daily scenes and the flashing thoughts around our heads. Take a closer look on the words and symbols, if they could remind you of your day to day activities. Started with a “Hi” greeting that is spoken with an open heart, to visiting places and what have each encounters made you feel, with some routine activities that keeps the schedule busy.

We hope these stamps could come in handy to be used as a guide to reflect, and a reminder to pay attention to the beauty that happen around us. Most importantly, make journaling and crafting fun!

Some ideas and connections:
"Hi :) " it is always a welcoming word;
" \ OPEN / " a guide to unbox a package, an opened door;
"Just feel like…" unexpressive feelings;
"Rhythm of life" its always like a play and pause button that goes in between;
"Checklist: " nice to keep a list to compensate the potential limits of human memory and attention;
"Slow & quiet" these moments help to recharge our energy;
"The beauty of " something that makes you smile away;
"Work in progress…" as it gets better;
"(N) ERROR_ " anything can go wrong, acknowledging it prevents it to happen again;
"Yours sincerely, " to end lovingly with your signature;
"(gift.) for you - " from your kind gesture;
" ✦ ◯ ✦ " for adding a highlight with stars;
"Cancelled" to cross it out;
"- date: " a 2-way usage, Sun-date(day) on this date;
"Limited Ed." just like you, and everything handmade is one of a kind;
"(Routine)" yet we can find ways to create fun among routine;
"Insert here_" your thoughts, your items, anything;
" → " an arrow pointer that shows direction.

Size: 30mm x 6mm x 24mm
Material: Wooden handle; Grey rubber
Concept by Pooi Chin
Produced by Phavourite
Made in Malaysia

*With purchase of a complete set (18 pcs), it comes with a white paper tray for holding these tiny rubber stamps in place.