9pt.(3) Tiny Text Rubber Stamps [18 options]

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Launching 3rd series of 9pt tiny text stamps, a new addition to our in-house collection. Refer to the previous 9pt and 9pt.(2).

Designed in tiny font size of 9pt, these texts turned into rubber stamps allow digital font being put into analogue documentation.

They are high versatility for creating a depth in between our handwritings. You could be blending these subtle formality and classic vibes among scribbles. Use these delicate rubber stamps to add special personal touches on your journal pages, a gift wrapping, message card or any occasions.

This collection gathered inspiration from everyday scenes and the flashing thoughts around our heads. Take a closer look on the words and symbols, if they could remind you of your day to day activities. 

For example, the stamp “today.com/new” is inspired from the act of opening a new tab from a web browser. Stamping it is like flipping a new page on our notebook. 

We hope you have a fun journey exploring this new collection, and use them to create your own little dialogues, or adding a hint of light to the written words.

Some ideas and connections:
“today.com/new” it’s like opening a new tab/ a new page of a day;
“Sunlight // Stars” also decipher as day/ night. They somewhat affect our mood;
“Collection —————” it can be anything! What yours?
“What about;” a dialogue to yourself. What about trying something different from the usual?
“maybe me, too.” something that resonates;
“The journey of” to be explored;
“~ ~ ~.* ’ ” a pattern that can be used to highlight/ underline text, or simply to add some cheeky symbols;
“MORE THAN LOVE” of something you’ve created/ crafted; or using it to document an overwhelming emotion that you’ve gained from an encounter;
“Everyday.” practical stamp for any occasions;
“Emotion.txt” a file (written text) consists of your heart-pouring feelings;
“(Volume symbol)” music heals. Keeping it at a calming volume during a time with myself;
“move to trash” perhaps of some thoughts worth documenting, yet to be discarded;
“ > add to favourites” to mark something that is special to you;
“aesthetics.” a scene that moves you;
“&-in-between…” among a contrast;
“Save as: draft” uncertain;
“www.at-work.com” occupied, being at work, in the zone;
“(than ever…)” that lingers in your mind…

Size: 30mm x 6mm x 24mm
Material: Wooden handle; Grey rubber
Concept by Pooi Chin
Produced by Phavourite
Made in Malaysia

*With purchase of a complete set (18 pcs), it comes with a white paper tray for holding these tiny rubber stamps in place.