bighands Mini Art Pieces - Wanderlust in Dressings

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Immerse in the fantasy land,
letting the soul wander freely, creating freely.

Introducing bighands‘ new enchanting collection of mini art pieces. Immerse yourself in a fantasy land where your soul can wander freely and your creativity knows no bounds.

Each illustration, meticulously printed on craft textured paper and compiled in a tear-off book, its like an art gallery hold onto your hand. Simply tear off the sheets and curate your own scene within your notebook, planner, or any other creative project. These mini art pieces inspire limitless possibilities. Whether you're adorning journal pages, crafting unique greeting cards, or enhancing your scrapbook, these illustrations will elevate your creations, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder. 

This set includes a memo pad with 10 generous illustrations, each provided in 5 sheets, allowing for greater versatility and freedom of color options. Let your imagination run wild with this captivating collection, and bring a touch of magic to all your artistic endeavors.

Content: 50 sheets (5 sheets * 10 designs)
4 x 4cm
Material: Textured paper
Designed by bighands
Made in Malaysia