Binsen-Fusen Letter Sticky Note - S Size [3 options]

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A new line up from Hitotoki, Letter Stick Note, they are so easy to use as sticky notes, at the same time so polite as letter paper.
Attach a piece with your quick handwriting note on a small gift for your friend or with a package for clients, it is to use when you hope to convey your warm feelings little politer than usual.

It is thick enough to be used as letter paper. It adheres firmly because its adhesive area is wider. Available in various designs for different mood and occasions, they are soft and delicate as Hitotoki style as usual.

Thickness of paper is about 1.5 times thicker than ordinary sticky notes.
*It may not stick to paper with oil, moisture, dust, or uneven surface.
*Its adhesive surface may get dirty by ink or toner when it sticks to printed paper.
*Some paper may get adhesive or damaged on its surface.
*Avoid direct sunlight and hot/humid place.

Content: 30 sheets (15 sheets x 2 patterns)
Size: H25 × W70mm
Designed by Hitotoki
Made in Japan