Classiky x Drop Around Copy Paper

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Pocket-sized memo pads by Classiky x Drop Around. It is designed in a handy size for carrying around, and glued pad binded for easy tear off. Blank and no design, this copy paper pad is perfect for writing notes, scribbles or making quick sketches that you would like to make a copy to share with friends or to place it in 2 different places without having to do twice. Wonderful for brain stroming ideas in a team or during a meeting.

The interesting part of writing on a copy paper is it instantly turn the ambiance into a formal tone while making a copy. The end sheet of this copy paper pad is an extended card folded that can be slot underneth the copy sheet to prevent the writing being copied to the sheets below.

Drop Around is a design unit that works on the travel theme elements. While mainly producing paper tools and book design for shops and writers, he also operates a general store “atelier drop around” that opens only on weekends in Ebisu, Tokyo. Collecting travel knick knacks and selling props and original travel tools.

Content: 75 sheets * 2 copies

Size: 14.4 x 7.2cm

Material: Smooth & uncoated paper

Designed by Classiky x Drop Around

Made in Japan