Classiky x Kata Kata Dish - Bear

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A small ceramic dish for dining table and work desk from Classiky, designed by Kata Kata. This dish is printed with transfer method, which the design is printed onto unglazed cloth in mirror effect and then being transfer onto the plain shaped ceramic. Due to the process of making and the curved surface of the dish, it is normal that the print result may have color loss, colour unevenness and bleed. Appreciating the craftmanship, these variations made the shortcomings of each ceramic dish lovable and attractive.

Other than using this dish for tiny bites or sauces, you can also use it for holding small accessories like paper clips or a washi tape roll. Each time as the illustration reveals, it will certainly draw out a conversation surrounds the dining table or bring a smile in your face!

Size: W7 x D11 x 1.3cm
Material: Ceramic
Designed by Classiky x Kata Kata
Made in Japan