Classiky x Mihoko Seki Chromos Water-Activated Seals

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Illustrations water activated seals by Mihoko Seki in collaboration with Classiky. These stickers comes in a joint sheet that you may cut each piece out individually. These water adhesive labels work like postage stamps where the gum is activated when you moist it with water, giving it a nostalgic crafting time experience.

It is printed with chromolithographic process, is a unique method for making multi-colour prints. Chromolithography was a very popular method for colour printing developed in the 19th century, mostly relied on several woodblocks to create the colours. The surface of sticker is UV coated hence you may see the slight gloss effect from different direction of light and also to feel the raised effect.

The charm of Mihoko Seki's artwork, as a Japanese stencil dyeing artist's is that you can see a glimpse of curiousity in within the girlish and fantasy.

Content: 1 Sheet
Sheet size: 17.3 × 24.8cm
Material: UV coated water activated seal
Designed by Classiky
Made in Japan