Classiky x Seiko Okada Letterpress Printed Cards

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Simple illustration by Seiko Okada in collaboration with Classiky. These letterpress printed cards are printed with a traditional method to create impression on the paper. When you touch on the printed area, you could feel the slightly dented surface due to the printing pressure from zinc block.

You may notice the illustrations are something so common in our daily lifes, yet the designer, Seiko Okada illustrates them in a slightly different dimensions, creating a little "oddness" that is far from reality. Bringing an extension of everyday life through Seiko Okada artwork.

Use these labels for short messages, gift wrapping, mail decoration or for journaling, the design and application will definitely add a unique touch to your creation. Explore the limitless use of these cards by cutting to shape, or a cut hole in the inner frame.

Content: 2 designs * 5 sheets. 10 pcs in a pack
Size: A,B: 9 × 5.5cm; C: 8.5 x 8.5cm
Material: Cream uncoated card stock
Designed by Classiky x Seiko Okada
Made in Japan