Classiky x Yuki Nishio - Ceramic Doll - Sunny Woman

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Tiny sculpture by Yuki Nishio in collaboration with Classiky. It is so delicate in the size where you can hold in your palms.
A statue of a nude woman with a yellow hat that brings the vibe of a bright sunny day! This piece of sculpture is presented with no expression, somehow relaxed. It would be a nice view to display it on the desk, to rest your eyes while looking at while taking a quick break from work.

Its yellow hat is made in a seperate piece where you can remove it from its hand and place it on the head. This ceramic doll in nude and designed in white glaze feels so light and easy. It is definitely a rare and precious collection come by to own.

Please note that the fine crack lines on the sculpture are generated in the kiln during firing in the temperature over thousand degree celcius; they are not cracks formed after completion hence it is not regarded as faulty unit. The result of "crazing", the crack lines in the terms of pottery art, can be treated as the beauty of imperfections - "wabi-sabi" the sayings in Japanese.

Size: 2.4 x 2.3 x 8.3cm
Material: Ceramic
Designed by Classiky x Yuki Nishio
Made in Japan