Embossing Tapes - Black, Bronze, Clear

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These embossing tapes are to be used with an embossing label maker to create raised effect on the tape for labeling on glass bottles or jars; as well as on journal pages, notecards, gift wrapping, packaging. Have fun with this analogue tool.

Black embossing tape is a classic one, bold black background with a contrast white embossed text. Bronze embossing tape has a luxury look, whereas Clear embossing tape blends in with see through background with subtle white embossed text.

There's adhesive at the back of the tape, simply emboss and peel off the backing liner to stick. Works best on paper surface, any clean and flat surface, or clean and smooth glass bottles. PVC material may be stubburn on tiny small curved surface.

Size: 9mm x 3m
Material: PVC