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In-house specially curated KITTA Test Kit. We have created a sample pack – “Test Kit” by putting different designs together from our curation. One piece each, no burden & own more! Allowing us to see the beauty of each from an assortment. These interesting patterns of KITTA tapes will definitely be a great complement to your journal, mail decor or gift wrapping. Lovely stationery to add to collection. Feel free to match the colour tones to your stories.

KITTA – precut 5cm washi tape in strip form/ sticker with for compact storing & portable to carry around. Remove release liner to seal.

Consist of designs from: KITX001, KITX002, KITX003, KITX004

Content: 16 designs x 1 piece

Tape size: W5 x H1.5cm

Material: Washi paper

Designed by KITTA x moogy

Made in Japan