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In-house specially curated KITTA Test Kit. We have created a sample pack - "Test Kit" by putting different designs together from our curation. One piece each, no burden & own more! Allowing us to see the beauty of each from an assortment. These interesting patterns of KITTA tapes will definitely be a great complement to your journal, mail decor or gift wrapping. Lovely stationery to add to collection. Feel free to match the colour tones to your stories.

KITTA - precut 5cm length tape in strip form/ sticker with for compact storing & portable to carry around. Remove release liner to seal.
Consist of designs from: KITP001, KITP002, KITP003, KITP004

KITTA Special series is printed with fluorescent ink that is bright, pop and vivid or holographic material that gives an interesting effect as you may see different colour under the light of different angles.

Content: 16 designs x 1 piece
Tape size: W5 x H1.5cm
Material: Washi Paper with fluorescent ink / holographic printing
Designed by KITTA
Made in Japan
Repackaged by Phavourite