Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Stapler

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Crimps the paper!

More than just a stapler, you will never have to refill any staples to this stapleless stapler by Kokuyo. Handy little machine is versatile for your craft and journaling, adding little touches and texture on paper as it create interesting teeth like the embossed edges we usually find in coffee filter paper.

Its cleverly-designed metal structure crimps the papers securely together—without using any actual staples! Practically, use it to seal document or memos; you may put the paper to photocopying machine or shredder without the fuss of removing staples. Stacking up paper is 60% less bulky on the edge compare to ordinary staples.

Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Stapler

For creative use, fold up a paper and seal the edges to create a pocket; attach ephemera, creating layerings to your journal pages and crafts. The binding texture is satisfying to touch!

To use this stapler, slide up to 5 sheets of paper into the slot and press down.

Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless StaplerThe pressed binding can easily be undone by flattening the binded area to release the grip on the paper.

Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless StaplerKokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Stapler

Watch a demo here from our IGTV.

Size: 95 x 85 x 35mm

Designed by Kokuyo