Kokuyo Karu-Cut Clip Washi Tape Cutter

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KOKUYO Karu-Cut Clip is a clip style washi tape cutter. The Karu-Cut Clip introduces a redesigned blade for cutting in a cleaner, straighter line, safer! Instead of a saw-like blade, the Karu-Cut Clip features a specially processed blade with a fully sharpened edge that is raised and recessed, using 50% less force than ripping washi tape with hands.

The cutter clips onto a tape roll and holds it in place while you pull and tear the desire length of tape. Changing tapes is simple and quick too - just unfasten the Karu-Cutt and clip it onto a different roll. It's compact size also allow makes it portable to carry around.

Suitable for washi tape width up to 25mm. May not be compatible for tapes with an inner core diameter of less that 30mm.

Size: W48 x D20 x H20mm
Material: ABS & Stainless Steel blade
Designed by KOKUYO
Made in Japan

Kokuyo Karu-Cut Washi Tape Cutter

Click here to watch a demo video by Kokuyo.