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Each three-dimensional Chinese character lead-type piece, crafted by the esteemed Ri Xing Foundry, carries a profound sense of honour and dedication. As the last remaining foundry of its kind in Taiwan, Ri Xing is committed to preserving and promoting the art of lead-type casting. With each meticulously casted metal piece, they strive to uphold the legacy of this traditional craft and its cultural significance. Embrace the beauty and craftsmanship of these lead-type pieces, knowing that they represent a rich heritage and the unwavering passion of Ri Xing Foundry.

Happy stamping with your new letterpress lead type! These metal pieces harken back to the olden days of traditional printing techniques, adding a touch of vintage charm to your creations.

Size: S size: W6.5mm; M size: W8mm
Crafted by Ri Xing Foundry
Made in Taiwan

To stamp:
This stamp is entirely made of solid metal, unlike the usual rubber stamps that has a soft sponge in between. To achieve an even print and ensure a crisp stamp result, it is recommended to place a cushion, such as a stamp mat, beneath the stamp surface (paper).

In addition to that, this metal stamp can also be used as a wax seal.

To clean:
Repeatedly stamp it on tack.

To store:
Let the stamp face sit upright upon storage as the surface of it is delicate and fragile. It is also to ensure the top of it has sufficient space, this is to prevent further abrasion.