Maotu 3mm washi tape set (4 + 1 rolls) - Pattern 1 Rain

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Ultra thin 3mm washi tape by Maotu. A set of 4 rolls + 1.
*The +1 stands for a surprise design that is unique, different from every packages. Not shown in photos.

We found that these thin tapes are perfect for collage and adding a tiny subtle touch. The patterns are section by section, layering a few stripes of these creates a colour block. You could also use these washi tape as a pull over across montly planner notebook or a timeline to replace a line crossed out.

These washi tapes are the cut-out edges from a Maotu's design standard roll washi tapes, and be given a second life. Hence there might be thin line in between, turing these as part of it's beauty and not considered as defect.

Also available in Pattern 2 - Woodland, click here.

Maotu 3mm washi tape set (4 + 1 rolls) - Pattern 2 Woodland

Size: 3mm x 10m * 5 rolls
Material: Japanese washi paper
Designed by Maotu 毛兔
Made in Taiwan