MD Notebook (Grid)

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The MD Notebook is designed for simplicity so that what’s on your mind can be put on paper easily. Its cover is clean, no printing, only an indentation logo. No bells and whistles; just the pleasure of writing.

Grid layout features 5mm square grid inspired by old Japanese manuscript paper, with marking on every 5 and 10 squares to make counting of lines/ character easy. The grid is printed in fine and pale blue lines. While serving as guidelines, the grid will not interfere your writing or sketches. It is a perfect layout for users who prefer organized and neat writing, or creating own bujo format and making tables with the grid.

MD Notebook (Grid)
The pages are made with MD paper, described as tofu, from its slight cream colour to the texture itself, so soft and gentle. Your pen or pencil will glide across the smooth surface, at the same time MD paper prevents ink from feathering or bleed-through when writing with most pens.

With thread binding method, MD Notebook can be open to a full 180 degree flat to provide the ultimate comfort for writing and sketching.

MD Notebook
Each book feature a playful touch to the minimalist design of MD Notebook with a coloured string. This adds a tasteful accent that can be glimpsed through the white spine and between the pages.

Learn more about MD Notebook here, or download free printables, courtesy of MD paper to elevate your note taking pleasures.

Content: 176 pages
Size: H210×W148×D10mm
Material: MD Paper
Specs: Thread-stitched book-binding
Designed by Midori
Made in Japan