MD Notebook Light (Ruled Line) 3pcs Set

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The MD Notebook is designed for simplicity so that what’s on your mind can be put on paper easily.
MD Notebook Light comes in a set of 3, each with 48 pages.
Whether you use them one at a time or use each one for a different purpose, this compact package is flexible enough to suit your needs.

Ruled line layout features light grey fine lines to serve as a guide for neat notes taking. It is incorporated with a thoughtful design by having thicker line at the center so that you can divide each page in half or divide a two-page spread into quarters. Use it for notes or a diary, add dates and use it as a schedule, or top for writing and bottom for sketches or drawings.

This slim, light notebook allows carrying around conveniently and taking notes instantly. Carry it close at hand when inspiration strikes. With saddle stitching, you can even fold the pages all the way around and hold it in one hand, allowing you to write or sketch while standing.

MD paper is described as tofu, from its slight cream colour to the texture itself, so soft and gentle. Your pen or pencil will glide across the smooth surface, at the same time MD paper prevents ink from feathering or bleed-through when writing with most pens.

Each set of MD Notebook comes with a label stickers for indexing your notebooks or label the title so you can find it at one glance when arranged in a shelve.
Learn more about MD Notebook Light here, or download free printables, courtesy of MD paper to elevate your note taking pleasures.

Content: 3 identical books/48 pages each; Label stickers
Size: A7: H105×W74×D3mm; A6: H148 × W105 × D3mm
Material: MD Paper
Specs: Saddle Stitched
Designed by Midori
Made in Japan