Midori Asano Stickers - Birds Song x Deer Dream

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Dive into tranquility with Midori Asano sticker collection, in collaboration with Cozyca Products.

Each sticker encapsulates the artist's serene style, offering a calming palette and intricate details. Made from PET material with a transparent background, seamlessly blending onto any surface.

Decorate your journal pages, gifts, and message cards with a touch of quiet beauty and serenity with these charming stickers, turning every application into a moment of gentle expression

Size: Sticker sheet 138 x 170 mm; with packaging 141 x 188 mm
Material: PET
Designed by Midori Asano
Produced by Cozyca Products
Made in Japan

Midori Asano is an illustrator who draws motifs such as landscapes, tableware, and plants that give off a somewhat exotic feel .
Her delicate and warm illustrations, matured yet adorable designs provide solace just by looking at them.