Mossland Rubber Stamp - The 24 Solar Terms

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Designed by Mossland, this set of rubber stamps with The 24 Solar Terms is an interesting way to mark the season.
Also a beautiful representation to record the weather it in your journal pages or when writing a letter.

As part of the traditional Chinese calendar zodiac, The 24 Solar Terms (24 节气) are used to mark the seasons, weather, and natural variations. Solar Terms are divided according to the sun's annual motion. Divided into 24 periods from the 4 main seasons, they imply a more specific indication of the weather situations.

立春 - Start of Spring - Beginning of Spring in Southern China.
雨水 - Rain Water - Rainfall increases from then on.
惊蛰 - Awakening Insects - Hibernating insects start to awaken with spring thunder.
春分 - Spring Equinox - The mid-spring, day, and night are equally long.
清明 - Pure Brightness - It is warm and bright (when not raining) vegetation turns green.
谷雨 - Grain Rain - Rainfall increases greatly and is helpful to grain.

立夏 - Start of Summer - Beginning of Summer in the South of China.
小满 - Grain Full - The grain gets plump but is not yet ripe.
芒种 - Grain in Ear - Grain grows ripe and summer farming begins.
夏至 - Summer Solstice - It is the longest day of the year in China.
小暑 - Slight Heat - It is hot.
大暑 - Great Heat - The start of the hottest time of the year and when rainfall is the greatest.

立秋 - Start of Autumn - Beginning of Autumn.
处暑 - Limit of Heat - Marks the end of hot days.
白露 - White Dew - Temperatures begin to drop and it turns quite cool.
秋分 - Autumn Equinox - Mid-Autumn, the day and night are equally long.
寒露 - Cold Dew - Turns a bit cold.
霜降 - Frost's Descent - Turns colder and frost appears.

立冬 - Start of Winter - Beginning of Winter.
小雪 - Light Snow - Starts to snow.
大雪 - Heavy Snow - Snows heavily for the first time of the year.
冬至 - Winter Solstice - The shortest day of the year.
小寒 - Slight Cold - Gets colder.
大寒 - Great Cold - The coldest time of the year.

Content: Set of 2 pcs in a box
Size: 6 x 2.5cm
Material: Wooden Handle with Polymer Rubber
Designed by Mossland 苔岛
Made in China

苔岛 Mossland Rubber Stamp - The 24 Solar Terms 24节气_1