Mossland Weather Series Wax Seal Set - Sunny / Rainy Day

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Looking forward to a sunny day in this wet season;
at the same time anticipating for a rainy day after getting a nice pair of boots and umbrella during a hot summer.

In a day transition, sharing weather report is always a romantic expression to send your thoughts. So common yet so rare. Illustrated and designed by Mossland, this wax seal will add a special touch to your craft project, gift packaging and journal pages.

Back in olden days, wax is used to verify something such as a document/ envelope is unopened or to verify the sender's identity. While in the modern days, there are more to a creative use of wax seals, to seal an envelope, to secure a ribbon on gift package or to decorate a DIY card. It will easily level up your creation with a lovely wax seal impression.

This wax seal comes in a set of 2.
Sunny day features: "是日晴“ -("it's sunny day"); little flower
Rainy day features: "Rainfall"; "雨“ - ("rain" with water waves)
Wax beads / sticks for wax sealing is available here.

Content: 2 x wax seals
Size: 30mm; 15mm
Material: Wooden handle + brass die
Designed by Mossland 苔岛