MT x William Morris Artist Series Washi Tape

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MT Artist Series featuring "Morris & Co."

The everlasting beauty brought about by flowers and plants by William Morris.
"Strawberry Thief" boasts remarkable popularity, even among many other designs.
It appears on MT tape with a new arrangement.
This work displays beautiful flowers and strawberries blooming all over a blue forest, as well as lovely and gluttonous birds.
Indulge in the gracefulness of William Morris.

William Morris(1834-1896) William Morris, the great designer, poet, thinker and craftsman, was also known as the father of modern design in the latter part of 19th century in England. Morris found great values in the"pleasure of craft making"and the"beauty of natural materials,"and this belief of his became a movement that spread throughout the world. Before long, it reached Japan in the Taisho period as a folk craft movement. About 120 years have passed since William Morris's death, however, the"belief"that he left has been inherited wholeheartedly and his excellent designs and styles survive to this day in Morris & Co.'s interior decor, along with an aesthetic strategy. It is created continuously and distributed around the world. It seems that his quote,"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" is still meaningful to us living in the present day.

MT masking tape can be easily torn by hand. Great for sealing and gift wrapping as it is repositionable to your prefered area and leaves no residue on surface when removing. Always come in handy for scrapbooking, card making, gift wrapping, decorating and other creative projects.

MT with LIFE. Display small artwork that decorates everyday life. MT is a tool for bringing more colour to your life and soul.
MT masking tape is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, displays beautiful art made by talented artists.
It adds a small bit of happiness and smiles to the things that catch our eyes every day, and the things we give to someone.
Enjoy this richly expressive collection that gives colour to anything you will create.

Size: 20mm x 7m
Material: Japanese washi paper
Designed by MT x William Morris
Made in Japan