MU Print-on Sticker - 157 Mid-autumn flowers

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Unlike usual stickers that is peel to stick, these Print-On Stickers by MU are basically rub-on/ transfer stickers. Apply pressure to active these adhesive stickers.

Well loved for a wide range of applications, they are great for decorating journal, diary, message card, gift packages, scrapbook or even on personal belongings like phone case, glass bottles and more!

i. The stickers are extremely seamless on the applied area. Feels flat and smooth yet the colour pops on dull pages and the effect of watercolour or images gel in very naturally. It works like magic!

ii. See-through effect of these stickers allow layering with various designs. Handwriting underneath will also show through the stickers.

iii. Great selection of designs and styles for adding touch to your creations.

How to use:

Simply cut out the designed pattern and remove the wax backing paper. Place the pattern on the spot to be transferred. Rub over the sticker back and forth with tool or fingernails to transfer the pattern on objects. Remove the PVC sheet when the pattern is being transfered.

For easy storage as a whole sheet, you may also do the transfer without cutting it into pieces. Ensure that theres no pressure applied other parts of the sticker. Always keep the wax backing paper intact during storage.

Perfect to be used on flat and dry surfaces such as paper/ cards. Application on other surfaces are also possible, avoid scratching or abrasion to retain the sticker.

Content: 2 sheets different designs/ set

Material: Paper, PVC, Adhesive

Size: 10 x 15cm

Designed by MU Lifestyle

Made in Taiwan