Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pads

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Shachihata lromoyo ink pads are well known for their fast-drying oil-based inks which produce clear and detailed imprint. The ink pad surface adopts an ultra fine fiber cloth for an excellent durability and it allows rubber stamp to hold an even and appropriate amount of ink by pressing the ink pad gently. Suitable for paper, you may also use it on wood surface.

Shachihata lromoyo ink pads are acid-free, waterproof and does not smear, it will be great for craft and archival projects. This palm-sized ink pad makes it easy to hold for dabbing the ink into partially onto rubber stamp. Its case is also designed to be stackable for easy storage.

With Shachihata's unique technology, the ink pad will not dry even with the lid open.
To learn more, watch a demo by Shachihata here.

Size: Casing 80 x 58.8 x 20.3mm; Ink pad 63 × 40mm
Designed by Shachihata