Slumber Bugs Limited Edition Paper Swatch / Calendar 2021

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Round things in life …

Beautiful sunset by the beach, full moon up above the sky, the letter O on keyboard, toilet roll left on the sink, clock from the old house, the unwanted Mac spinning beach ball, the basketball left on the court, dirty football on the grass, our luck coin, the ring from you, a coaster we collected on a trip, cheese wheel in the store, a whole pizza that we can never finish, a polo candy from our childhood, the doughnut that fell on the floor, a pancake that I made, macaron from the French cafe, blueberry on my birthday cake, rubber band that always go missing, dandelion puff in the garden , the car tyre you changed on the way home, the merry-go-round on the first date, the ferries wheel on the second, Christmas ornament we saw in the market, Charlie’s eyes in the night (Charlie’s our cat), and what else?

Revealing this fabulous round Paper Swatch / Calendar 2021 handmade by Slumber Bugs from a pizza box structure translucent paper packaging. 12 sheets of monthly calendar hand dyed to different colours. With the handmade process of making paper, you will find the deckled edges from every sheet of the paper. The rawness and the imperfect details made it all one of a kind and perfectly lovable.

Each calendar comes with a customised acrylic stand to display this calendar set. From far it looks like these round calendars are floating on a flat surface.

Limited edition with only 100 sets produced.

Content: 13 sheets (cover + 12 months); Acrylic stand

Size: ⌀15cm

Material: Hand dyed handmade paper

Designed and Printed by Slumber Bugs

Made in Malaysia