Stalogy Round Masking Seal - Neon [3-size option]

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006 Masking Patches
Neon: Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink

Introducing Stalogy Round Masking Seal, the perfect solution for labeling, classifying, and adding a touch of creativity to your journal pages. Crafted from thin, yet durable Japanese paper, these patches have been carefully selected for their exceptional colurs and textures.

With various convenient sizes available and wide selection of vibrant colors, these round masking tape patches offer versatility and customization. Either is it merely for decorative purpose, labeling items with dates or names, or securing some loose pieces of ephemera on your journal, they will surely add a lovely pop to your creations.

Feel free to use the patches as whole circles or cut them into half for a different layout or geometric arrangement on your journal pages. Their circular shape adds a pleasing aesthetic to your designs, creating visual harmony and balance.

Size: φ5mm: 630pcs (126pcs/sheet x 5 sheets); φ8mm: 600pcs (60pcs/sheet x 10 sheets); φ16mm: 180pcs (18pcs/sheet x 10 sheets)
Material: Washi, Adhesive
Designed by Stalogy
Made in Japan