Suatelier 1916 Daily Plan.11 Geometric Kite Sticky Memo Pad

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Shapes are fun!

Write your message here - designed in subtle tones, pick the colour that best matches your mood. Highly versatile and creative stationery item. Use these Suatelier sticky memo sheets for daily reminder; short note for loved ones. The application is limitless, stick them anywhere and they will gently gel into your daily life. Post it on the fridge, on the wall, in diary, calendar, journal or notebook.

Designed in compact size for easy carrying around to make notes, they also make a great materials for layering and gift decorations.
Let this piece of sticky memo contain your moments. May them be a heartwarming stationery companion in your daily life.

Suatelier hopes you have fun and happiness in your daily life.

Content: 100 sheets
Size: 4 x 4cm
Material: Paper
Designed by: Suatelier
Made in Korea