Tada Reiko Block Memo - Lemon & Lime with Animals

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Vibrant and lively, bold and energetic colour of artwork all contained in this beautiful memo pad illustrated by Tada Reiko in collaboration with Cozyca Products.

A block memo showcasing the fun daily life of Lemon & Lime and various animals. The characters have a gentle touch and seem like they're about to move at any moment, and they're irresistibly cute!

Write any notes or messages conveniently by tearing a sheet. You could also include a piece in your journal pages or accompany to a gift wrapping, it will surely leave a lasting impression with this lovely illustrations memo. Place this block memo on the desk and be enlighten by just admiring the cozy illustrations!

Since it comes with plenty of 120 sheets, you may use it freely to spread the love.

Content: 120 sheets
Size: 100 x 90mm
Material: Thick Paper with PET Resin Cover
Designed by Tada Reiko
Produced by Cozyca Products
Made in Japan