TOP Studio Rubber Stamp - Little Boat

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Little boat rubber stamps by TOP in Collaborating with Jesslynn Padilla, it embody the meaning of "Sailing to your dream". Illustrated in the shape of a paper boat, it symbolizes setting sail and venturing into the unknown, while the intricate floral of Jesslyn's signature strokes add a sense of grace and beauty.

Let this charming stamp serve as a reminder of your own journey towards your aspirations. As you press it onto your journal, it will leave behind a lasting impression that encapsulates the spirit of "Sailing to your dream" and inspires you to embrace the adventure that lies ahead.

Content: 2 sheets
Material: Maple wood handle with red rubber
Size: 2.6 x 1.6cm
Designed by TOP/ Traveling on Paper x Jesslynn Padilla
Made in Taiwan