Wax Beads - Clear

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Clear wax beads for endless creative wax sealing fun! It is semi see-through after stamping so it leaves wonders for creating a subtle effect; colour mixing or adding a tiny piece of dried flowers underneath.

Although it may looks like hot glue, this specially curated clear wax beads are less sticky. They do not stick together in the packet and release easily from the wax stamp.

Use these wax beads with a wax seal stamp.

One 25mm seal will require 3-4 beads. Insert the wax beads to a spoon and let it melt under heat. Do not overheat the wax as it may cause bubbles. If bubbles occurs, use a toothpick to stir the wax to release the heat before pouring it.

Other colours are available here.

Content: ~100 beads
Material: Matte sealable packaging
Packaged by Mossland 苔岛