Wax Sealing Mini Stove & Heating Spoon

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This Mini Stove and Spoon is to ease your wax sealing process. Insert a tea light candle from bottom of Mini Stove; rest the spoon on it by loading an appropriate amount of wax beads in the spoon and let it melt.
Rest your hands, you could create a multi wax colour by mixing several colour wax seal into the spoon.

Black fumes or dirt mark on light coloured wax also can be avoided by melting the wax with wax spoon. Each time after pouring the wax, use napkin to clean the bottom of the spoon.
To load a different colour to a spoon, melt the remaining wax on the spoon and wipe it clean with napkins from the inner spoon as well as its bottom.

Do not overheat the wax as it may cause bubbles. If bubbles occurs, use a toothpick to stir the wax to release the heat before pouring it.

Wax beads are available here.

Size: Mini Stove ⌀76mm x H40mm; Spoon ⌀28mm (3ml) x L115mm
Material: Wood; Brass