Zaimu Abstract Watercolour Calendar 2021

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A set of abstract watercolour calendar 2021 by Zaimu.

A week, feels just nice. It's a start off yet a cut off of our daily life and work routines. Measuring more than a day, yet it's not as long as a month period. It gives us a time for break and reconstruct our plans. This calendar is refreshed weekly, as a reminder and allowing us to set our goals and to-dos.

Closed to A6 size, watercolour design is arranged into a square; leaving sufficient blanks and breathing space on the right side with dates for jotting notes. Feel free to turn the sheets into frame as a display, these watercolour designs definately make a lovely room or desk decor.

Snow white slight textured paper is selected to complement and restoring the watercolour art piece, that is soft & sophisticated and wonderful to the touch.

Zaimu's calendar is designed for 2-way display; on the wall and for table top. The packaging is also thoughtfully constructed, while setting up as desk calendar, the sliding box at the base could be used to store the phased off sheets, all in one!

在木之野 Zaimu Zhiye Abstract Watercolour Calendar 2021 在木之野 Zaimu Zhiye Abstract Watercolour Calendar 2021

With this creation, Zaimu Zhiye hopes to create little spark of life, bringing some ordinary and genuine happiness. ?

Content: 56 sheets + cover + 2021, 2022 yearly calendar
Size: 13.5 x 8.8cm
Material: Takeo NT Rasha
Designed by Zaimu Zhiye