Zaimu Japanese Mino Paper Memo - Scent Memory

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Scent Memory - Presented with watercolour and the beauty of abstract and the unknown of splashes. Scent is a smell, it is also senses. Zaimu believes that scents hold us up and influencing the surroundings.

This set of watercolour memo by Zaimu is designed with a perforated stripe with the watercolour art piece description. Printed on Japanese Mino Paper with a wonderful texture. You may tear it up or use it together, it will add some softness and delicacy to top on your journal, diary, planner as well as outgoing mails or gift package decoration. With this creation, Zaimu Zhiye hopes to create little spark of life, bringing some ordinary and genuine happiness.

在木知野 Zaimu Zhiye Japanese Mino Paper Memo - Scent Memory

Content: 16 sheets
Size: 3.5x10.5cm (2 sheets), 4x7.5cm (2 sheets), 6x7.5cm (6 sheets), 6x10.5cm (6 sheets)
Material: Japanese Mino Washi Paper
Designed by Zaimu Zhiye