Tsukineko VersaCraft 4 in 1 Soramame Ink Pads - 405 Kiriko/ Mist

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Designed by Japanese stamp artist, Tomoko Tsukui, these Tsukineko Versacrafts Soramame Ink Pads come in a set of four colours. The colours are reflective of a beautiful Japanese traditional colour palette, often used for kimonos, Japanese traditional clothing.

These ink pads are made with water-based, acid-free pigment ink and produce a lovely chalk effect when stamped. A cylinder shape handle is designed to fit in index finger to get hold of this tiny ink pad. With its size, this ink pad is perfect for creating multi colours on a stamp face with fine precision by dabbing from the round edges. To use for large stamps, lightly dap across the surface.

Carrying various colours ink pads also made convenient with these compact size ink pads and easy storage. Soramame Ink Pads are suitable for multi surface such as raw woods, paper, nume leather and fabrics. In order to make the ink more firm on the fabric, please iron first before washing.

- AYAME 菖蒲 (reddish purple: iris)
- ZOUGE 象牙 (ivory: cream)
- MIZUHANADA 水縹 (thin bright blue: water)
- UGUISU 鶯 (dull yellow-green: wings of a warbler)
Tsukineko VersaCraft 4 in 1 Soramame Ink Pads - 405 Kiriko/ Mist

Content: 4 ink pads; clear tray holder; sticker labels
Size: ⌀2 x 3.5cm; ink pad surface ⌀1.4cm; tray holder L3.5 x W9 x H2.3cm
Designed by Tsukineko VersaCraft
Made in Japan